About Us

Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms lays emphasis on the use of Compost, Vermicompost, Biofertilizers & Biopesticides as well as in water harvesting to avoid times of drought. It not only helps grow a healthy produce as well as preserve the natural components of the medicinal plants giving qualitative as well as quantitative growth to our plantation.

Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms has been engaged heart and soul since 1994 in the cultivation of Safed Moosli and has acquired specialization in the techniques of the cultivating  Safed Musli as well as Stevia in a manner to get maximum production with best quality.

We are involved in the trade of various medicinal plants like Chlorophytum borivilianum & Stevia rebaudiana. We can supply the planting material as well as we impart diverse agricultural consulting services to the corporate and individual formers. Over the years we have learnt the art of transforming barren lands in to good cultivation and plantation. Time to time the company organises cultivation training & workshops as well as trekking for people interested in learning about medicinal plants.

Jeevan Herbal Products is the sister concern of Jeevan Herbs & Agro Farms. We provide our consumers with a better and easier method of application for these herbs, so that common man can utilize the benefits of Ayurveda at its home with no fuss.

Anand Jain, Jeevan Herbs, herbal products


The brain and effort behind the idea of conserving our century-old medical knowledge in nature and its establishment. He is an IIT Roorkee Engineer but took a turn towards embracing mother nature and has never looked back since.


Ph.D. in chemistry. the brain behind the formulation of ayurvedic medicines.