safed moosli, safed musli, musli, immunopotentiator, immunity boost

Qualitative Cultivation & Benefits - Safed Musli (Chlorophytum Borivilianum)

A traditionally rare Indian herb, Safed Musli is an Ayurvedic Rasayana class of vitality (strength) & longevity (long life) with effective erectogenic, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic, immuno-potentiating & many other medicinal properties & thus holds great economic potential in the era of health-conscious consumers.

It contains high levels of Saponin & Polysaccharides. Also, it is famously known as Herbal Viagra.

Uses & Applications of Safed Musli

Primarily used as a tonic and rejuvenative for the reproductive system (Vajikaran). It contains potent erectogenic properties as well as spermatogenic & aphrodisiac properties:

  • Its inhibition may aid erectile dysfunctions.
  • May increase sperm count.
  • Useful to prevent premature ejaculation.
  • Used in chronic leucorrhoea (excessive whitish / yellowish vaginal discharge).
  • Increase in non-specific (innate) immunity, Stimulates otherwise resting macrophages; potency needs replication.
  • In combination with various herbs like satavar, ashwagandha etc, its immuno-potentiating activity increases & is highly effective in boosting ones immune system.


safed moosli, safed musli, musli, immuno potentiator, immunity boost

Note: Jeevan Herbs produces a definitive combination of various herbal extracts in churna as well as tablet form, that may help in boosting ones immunity.

The presence of alkaloids, steroids, saponin glycosides in aqueous extract gives safed  musli its adaptogenic properties that helps reduce internal & external stress, preventing postpartum depression and it also aids in better sleep. It offers calmness and serenity.

Musli helps in stimulating the mammary glands to produce more breast milk, thus enhancing lactation abilities in new moms.

Due to its extraordinary composition, its aqueous extract has effective anti inflammatory as well as pain- relieving properties that is very helpful in peptic ulcer, and swelling caused due to arthritis.

Quality Certificate Of Jeevan Anand Safed Musli