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Prakrat Aloevera Cream

Prepared with fresh cut aloevera juice, Prakrat Aloevera Anti-aging Cream instills its naturally nourishing & rejuvenation properties that hydrates your skin, helping it stay soft & shiny.

      • Hydrated Skin 24*7

Aloevera Gel with Vitamin E embraces the natural qualities of aloevera clubbed with vitamin E that keeps your skin healthy & brews an even-toned and lustrous looking skin. Aloe vera gel is known to reduce dark spots, burn marks and sun burns/tanning. Aloe vera puts a thin layer of protection on your skin from dust.

      • Hydrated Skin 24*7
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Prakrat Aloevera Vitamin E Gel
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Prakrat Aloevera Saffron Cream

Natural healing properties of aloevera helps in reducing blemishes & dark spots providing a clean & clear skin.

      • Hydrated Skin 24*7

Incorporating the natural characteristics of Aloevera to soothe burns/ blemishes & keeps the skin hydrated.

      • Hydrated Skin 24*7
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Prakrat Aloevera Gel
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Prakrat Vidarikadi Malham

Formulated for various dry skin problems & a highly effective foot crack cream. Also helps in dry psoriasis. Best results with continuous use for 2-3 weeks.

Directions to apply: Wash the cracked heel area with lukewarm water with a pinch of salt in it. Dry it with a towel and apply the cream.

      • ** Note: For fungal infections, do not keep the affected area blocked or packed. Keep it exposed to moderate air & sunlight. For External Use Only.**