Prakrat Herbal Skincare Products

Prepared with homegrown herbs in their natural & most pure form. Comprises of various on-skin applications formulated to reduce acne, skin burns & marks also help in dry psoriasis, etc. A range of products for oily to combination skin, dry skin and cracked heels.

Jeevan Anand Ayurvedic Medicine

Prepared using extensive ayurvedic techniques & homegrown herbs. We have formulations like Rakshak series to help boost immunity, VIBACT to help reduce side effects of chikungunya, ARTHO to help ease arthritis & DIACURE to help reduce & regulate blood sugar levels inducing natural insulin production as well. Also, we have a range of churnas like Hingastak, Laban Bhaskar, Triphala, Sitopaladi & Shatvaryadi.

Aatma Anand Meditation

Aatma Anand Meditation is conducted by Swamy Anaam Bharti. It soothes the soul and relaxes your mind, gives you self-confidence & inner joy.  Subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Book your Slots