health tips for women

Best Power Food for Women

Happy International Women’s Day

“A healthy women, would keep the family healthier and happier.”

Look after your health ladies and include these healthy foods in your regular diet, it includes chocolate too.

  1. Apples – They are rich in quercetin that boosts your body’s immunity.
  2. Broccoli – It’s rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C, that rejuvenates your skin and provides it elasticity.
  3. Avocado – It’s has a high amount of monosaturated fat, that helps you reduce weight and flattens your belly.
  4. Oats – It is very important for women during pregnancy and is rich in folic acid that prevents birth defects in babies.
  5. Tomatoes – They have lycopene that can help prevent breast cancer.
  6. Parmesan Cheese – It is rich in calcium which would help in strengthening bones.
  7. Spinach – It has high amounts of vitamin K and also contains calcium & magnesium that helps reduce the physical symptoms of PMS like swelling, breast tenderness, bloating and weight gain.
  8. Dark Chocolates – It helps in reducing the production of stress hormone cortisol and reduces the risk of depression and obesity.
  9. Cranberries – It helps reduce the risk of breast cancer and also has the ability to cure urinary tract infections.
  10. Milk – It’s is the best source of calcium, and when taken with vitamin D, it’s the best way to prevent osteoporosis.
  11. Mushroom – It reduces the effects of a protein aromatase, which plays a major role in some breast cancers.
  12. Flax Seeds – It’s is a good source of Omega3 fatty acids and reduces the risk of heart diseases.