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8 Ways to Live Longer

  1. Eat in small portions for a healthy life, it helps you age slower.
  2. Loneliness leads to depression, it affects your mental health. Make friends, go out and have some quality time.
  3. Eat as much as fruits and vegetables, they are rich in fibers and has a lot of nutritious value. Eating greens  helps your digestive system as well.
  4. Reduce your alcohol consumption to minimum or one to two glass. Having more than 2 glasses of alcohol everyday can lead to weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle.
  5. Exercise daily, go for a run or practice extensive exercise for 30 minutes daily, it keeps your body fit and keep you energized for the whole day.
  6. Meditation is another good practice to  inbuilt in your regular exercise routine, meditate for 15-30 minutes every day, it calms your mind and recharge your mind and energy. and increases your focusing power and helps you have a positive perspective of life.
  7. Too much of sun is also not good for your health, when moving out in sun, apply sunscreen on all parts exposed to sunlight. Too much of sun can cause blemishes on skin and increases your risk of skin cancer.
  8. Quit smoking now. Smoking harms your lungs leading to other health problems, if you quit smoking you can increase your odds to survival and a better life.
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